Growing up in the Acres Homes community came with its gifts and its curses. Country life in the middle of the big city of Houston provides a very unique perspective. God plays a large role in day to day life and family is valued over everything else. Hard work and dedication is championed as a neighborhood motto. A very rich culture still thrives here with an exclusive cowboy culture. However, along with these gifts, come the curses.

Acres Home was the largest unincorporated black neighborhood in the United States at one time. Racism effected its citizens very hard and remnants of this can be seen all over the neighborhood. Joblessness, drug addiction, mass incarceration, and prostitution are very clear results of how mistreatment effected this community. Even with all of these ailments, this community has given birth to some great people who have gone to do great things. In 2016, to compensate for this mistreatment, the Toshia Hurd foundation was formed.

The Toshia Hurd Foundation was created to counteract the mistreatment that this community, and others like it, have been exposed to through any effort appropriate. Through service, through teaching, through giving financially, the Toshia Hurd Foundation will be working to create justice in a world of mistreatment. Join us in guaranteeing that no one is being mistreated. And guaranteeing that those who need the most help, get the most constructive help.